There are some major plans in the works. I will be making trips to Los Angeles, Memphis and Nashville, to work with and for a few artists and writers there soon. Our summer band schedule is really heating up and it's become so busy that I've had to turn down a lot of studio projects and it put me behind on a few others. So, these detours and delays have pushed the release of my new EP titled, "Sleight of Hand", ahead to later in the summer.  I'm looking so forward to returning to Los Angeles for the Grammys next year. Also, I will be doing quite a bit of gigging this year with the band. It looks to be an exciting year and as always, and I most certainly wish all of you much happiness and future success !  ==============================================================================================

Back home from Nashville and what a whirlwind trip! Got to do a little recording, Went to a few writers showcases,got in a writers session at BMI with Tim McGeary, Hung out with Ilya Toshinskiy for a lunch and then a visit to Berryhill Studios, Did a little night clubbing downtown, spent a few days with my great friend and mentor, Mike Kinnamon. Got to see Johnny Hiland  at Cannery Row, Saw some of my homeboys- Rafael Mendez, Rudy Zee and Jr. Gamez (Better known as the Fabulous Houserockers) at JC's Bullseye, Got some jamming time in at Bourbon Street,and finally, went to the Toto concert at the Ryman and got backstage to visit with them and Leland Sklar,Steve Porcaro and Steve Lukather...... Whew, I am exhausted, but so inspired and motivated !!!!!!